Ranveer Singh looks unrecognisable in this new avatar


Ranveer Singh looks unrecognisable in this new avatar

Ranveer Singh looks completely unrecognisable in a video he posted on Instagram and we are guessing it is a makeover for an upcoming film, if not for a fancy costume show!

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See the new avatar of this Bajirao Mastani star for yourself!

The body-hugging shirt, fitted buckled jeans, Dabangg shades, not to mention the beer belly and muffin top – and a crop of tight curls instead of his signature dapper hair have transformed the actor completely. The artist behind this this look, reports Yahoo, is also the costume artist for Padmavati.

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But could this retro look be for the character of Alauddin Khilji that Ranveer is essaying in Padmavati? We hope not!

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