Projects worth Rs90bn Approved


Projects worth Rs90bn Approved

Projects worth Rs90bn Approved


ISLAMABAD: The Central Development Working Party (CDWP) on Tuesday cleared a total of 27 development projects having a total estimated cost of Rs80.7 billion.

This included 24 development projects of Rs53.6bn that the CDWP meeting presided over by Deputy Chairman Planning Commission Sartaj Aziz approved and referred Rs27.1 billion worth of three larger projects to the Executive Committee of the National Economic Council (Ecnec) for approval.

Under the current financial powers’ rules, CDWP can itself approve projects costing no more than Rs3bn while the projects of higher estimated costs are approved by Ecnec on the clearance of the CDWP on technical grounds.

The projects approved include schemes in transport and communication, energy, water resources, information technology, physical planning and housing, environment and health.
In energy sector, CDWP cleared three projects worth Rs18.8bn including Rs12.8bn project that it referred to the Ecnec for approval. This is expected to improve the reliability of NTDC network and help provide reliable, uninterrupted power to distribution companies.

Of these, CDWP approved a project of 220 kV Punjab University Grid Station along with associated transmission lines worth of Rs2.948bn. This is expected to strengthen 132kV grid station in Lahore Electric Supply Company area and help provide reliable, uninterrupted power to its consumers. The project would lead to improved voltage and reduce loading of power transformers in the area.

Another similar project for Islamabad Electric Supply Company was approved at a cost of Rs2.552bn to install a 220kV Zero Point Grid Station. The project would help meet additional load demand of IESCO area and to share burden with existing 132kV Grid station in IESCO area and provide a second source of supply to existing 220kV Islamabad university grid station for sustainable operations.

In transport and communication sector, the meeting cleared four projects worth Rs14.9bn including a Rs10.5bn project referred to Ecnec.

In physical planning and housing sector, CDWP approved seven projects worth Rs5.9bn.

The meeting also approved four projects in science and technology sector worth Rs5.6bn.

It also approved another project in health sector worth Rs2.9billion. The project aims to upgrade of atomic energy cancer hospital Nuclear Medicine Oncology & Radiotherapy Institute (NORI), Islamabad.

The meeting also approved a project in information technology sector worth Rs220m. The scope of the project includes feasibility and system definition study of Pakistan multi-mission satellite.

Two projects worth Rs1.1bn were approved in water resources. These projects include construction of small dams, storage dams, delay action dams and retention wires and security barriers in Sindh worth Rs886.7m. The project is related to the issue of water scarcity, need for additional reservoirs and mining of ground water.

The main objectives are to conserve rain flood water, recharge aquifer to raise the subsoil water level and supplement the existing barani irrigation system. The scheme will also provide recreational and employment facilities to local people.

The other project worth Rs300m envisages construction of Abato, Daisara and Sanzala dam at Chamman Kila Abdullah. The project would be completed in 18 months and help address groundwater water scarcity with additional reservoir storage and increased poverty in backward irrigated areas. In environment sector, scaling up of Glacial Lake Outburst Flood (GLOF) Risk Reduction in Northern Pakistan worth of Rs3.8bn was referred to Ecnec for further approvals.

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